Saturday 5 January 2013

On the 12th Gay Day of Christmas ...

My blogger gave to me …


The 12 drummers drumming represent the traditional drummer boy that has become part of the traditional Christmas, as featured in the well-known carol. The drummer boy led troops into battle in days of old.

My Christmas gay days end today with 12 soldiers who would, in old times, have marched behind the drummer boy.

Served with the Naval Brigade during the Indian Mutiny. He committed suicide after being called to give evidence in court against his cross-dressing boyfriend.

2) NICHOLAS DE RAYLAN (1873-1906)
Served in the US army during the Spanish-American War. After his death it was revealed he was a woman – much to the surprise of “his” widow and ex-wife.

3) ERNST ROHM (1887-1934)
Leader of the Nazi paramilitary Strumabteilung (the SA). Hitler knew of his homosexuality, but it was his political threat that led to Rohm’s murder in the Night of the Long Knives.

4) LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1888-1935)
Legendary hero of Arab independence. Following his accidental death Winston Churchill said “We may never see his like again”.

5) KARL WOOD (1888-1958)
My Dad’s art teacher. Injured serving with the Gordon Highlanders in World War I. Painted thousands of UK windmills. Became a Benedictine brother after serving a prison sentence for homosexuality.

6) SIR OSBERT SITWELL (1892-1969)
Commissioned into the Sherwood Rangers cavalry regiment but kept falling off his horse. He said he preferred giraffes. He transferred to the Grenadiers Guards.

7) WILLIAM AALTO (1915-1958)
American who fought for General Franco in the Spanish Civil war. One of his campaigns is said to have inspired the novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Dismissed from the Communist Party due of his homosexuality.

Served in the Israeli army before becoming Staff Sgt. in the US army reserves.  Dismissed after coming out, she fought for reinstatement but lost. Founder of American Veterans for Equal Rights.

9) GLENN MARSH (b.1963)
Served in the Royal Marines before turning to acting and producing gay porn under the name Blue Blake. Appropriately for today’s subject, he won the Mr Drummer UK in 1990.

10) ERIC ALVA (b.1971)
Staff Sgt. with the US Marine Corps. He was the first Marine to receive serious injuries in Iraq. Afterwards he campaigned for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

11) DANIEL CHOI (b.1981)
Iraq veteran, and 2nd Lt. in the US National Guard. He campaigned for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, often attracting much publicity.

12) JAMES WHARTON (b.1987)
Lance Corporal in the Household cavalry. He was the first out soldier to feature on the cover of the army’s official magazine. He was part of the Sovereign’s Escort at the royal wedding in 2011.

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