Thursday 3 January 2013

On the 10th Gay Day of Christmas ...

… my blogger gave to me …


In the traditional sequence of gifts from the medieval period the leaping lords arrived on the last day of Christmas, and this is how I was taught it as school. However, the modern version moves the lords to the 10th day today, so I have placed them here to fit the modern version and avoid confusion.

I don’t know if these lords are likely to leap around at Christmas more than anyone else, or more than at any other time of year, but here are 10 living British lords. All except one (at the moment) are Life Peers – people whose titles are not hereditary and belong to them for their lifetime only. It would be wonderful if someone could get them all together next Christmas and get them leaping for charity – it’s been done before several times in recent years with other lords.

1) Rt. Rev. DAVID HOPE, Baron Hope of Thornes (b.1940)
First entered the House of Lords in 1995 as Lord Bishop of London, then became Archbishop of York (he once described his sexuality as a “grey area”). Created a life peer in 2005.

2) WAHEED ALLI, Baron Alli (b.1964)
Media entrepreneur and television producer. Created a life peer in 1998.

3) SIR JOHN BROWNE, Baron Browne of Madingley (b.1948)
Former head of BP. Created a life peer in 2001.

4) CHRIS SMITH, Baron Smith of Finsbury (b.1951)
The first openly gay Cabinet minister. Created a life peer in 2005.

5) SIR TERENCE ETHERTON, Lord Justice Etherton (b.1951)
Former British fencing champion, and Lord Justice of Appeal since 2008. Chancellor of the High Court from next week, with probably a life peerage to go with it later.

6) PETER MANDELSON, Baron Mandelson (b.1953)
Former First Secretary of State. Created a life peer in 2008.

7) GUY BLACK, Baron Black of Brentwood (b.1964)
Executive Director of the Telegraph Media Group. Created a life peer in 2010.

8) DEBORAH STEDMAN-SCOTT, Baroness Stedman-Scott (b.1955)
The only female peer in a civil partnership. Created a life peer in 2010.

9) SIR MICHAEL BISHOP, Baron Glendonbrook (b.1942)
Former boss of British Midland International airline. Created a life peer in 2011.

10) RAY COLLINS, Baron Collins of Highbury (b.1954)
Trade union leader and General Secretary of the Labour Party. Created a life peer in 2011.

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