Monday 1 July 2019

Ticking Over

The next full month of articles will be in October for LGBT History Month USA. Until then I will produce only 2 articles per month – one of the 1st of the month and the other on or around the 15th.

During the summer I’m concentrating again on research for next year’s series “Around the World in 80 More Gays” (or “80 Gays III”). I’m already well on the way with this research and have selected a famous lgbt Canadian as my starting and finishing point.

As with my previous two “80 Gays” series this new one looks like its going to be an excellent mix of lgbt history, with a wide range of individuals and topics. Among the 80 Gays I’ve linked together so far are members of a women’s hockey team, an ancient Greek goddess, an assassinated Nazi officer and an Australian aboriginal. Subjects covered between them include leprosy, ISIS, ballet, King Arthur, and Bolivian independence.

In the past few month I’ve also been able to work on other things that have been at the back of my mind for a long time. The first of these was “Robin Hood: Out of the Greenwood”, my Kindle book about the origins of the ballad that produced the most famous stories about Robin Hood. My theory about Sir John Clanvowe as being the author who inspired the ballad is explained in the book in more detail than I could on this blog.

My second lgbt book is to be published in a few weeks. It is an expanded adaptation of my original “Around the World in 80 Gays” series. All of the original articles that I wrote for this 2015 series have been updated and include more information about the individuals who form the 80 Gays of the title. I was hoping to make it an illustrated book but the time needed to research and produce images would have taken too long. There is also the issue of waiting for copyright clearance and permission to use some images. The idea of an illustrated version has not been abandoned but it might take longer to produce.

Also this year I have been working on some leaflets which I intend as free hand-outs on the Nottinghamshire Rainbow Heritage stall at Nottinghamshire Pride at the end of this month. My intention is to produce a series of these leaflets on various lgbt-related themes.

The leaflets are in two formats. The first is in the format shown below. It is a double-sided A4 sheet folded in half to form an A5 leaflet. The images below show the front and back pages.

The second format for my leaflets is more basic. They consist of articles from this blog edited to fit one side of a piece of A4 paper.

So, that’s about it for now. I’ll be back with my next article in two weeks time.

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