Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Remembering Those Who Have Gone

As 2014 turns into 2015 we have a look at those in the lgbt community who have died in the past twelve months.

January 2014
5th        Tom Chorlton, political science professor, Democratic Party lgbt activist, aged 67.
5th        Daniel James McClung, playwright, aged 26.
8th        Angela Clayton, nuclear physicist, trans activist, aged 54.
14th      Bernard Perlin, war artist, aged 95.
29th      David A. Cohen, founder of PINKPages and Pride magazine, aged 59.

February 2014
4th        Mark Bennett, Mayor of Lambeth, Greater London, aged 43.
10th      Hudson, avant-garde art and exhibition gallery owner, aged 63.
18th      Henry Messer, civil rights pioneer and philanthropist, aged 86.
20th      Roy Simmons, former Washington Redskins football player, aged 57.
27th      Chuck Schoen, co-founder of American Veterans for Equal Rights, aged 88.

March 2014
2nd       Norman Scarfe, historian, aged 90.
14th      Danny J. Boos, Mr. Chicago Leather 1997, aged 48.
31st      Frankie Knuckles, DJ and House music pioneer, aged 59.

April 2013
6th        Dr. Charles Farthing, AIDS research pioneer, aged 60.
7th        George Dureau, artist, aged 83.
16th      Rev. Jim Cotter, first Hon. Sec. of the Gay Christian Movement (UK), aged 72.

May 2014
6th        Lex Watson, pioneering Australian lgbt activist, aged 71.
24th      Storme DeLarverie, Stonewall Riot veteran, aged 93.

June 2014
12th      Cameron Fox, gay porn actor, aged 36.
21st      Peter de Rome, called the “Grandfather of Gay Porn”, aged 89.
23rd      Nancy Garden, pioneering lesbian novelist, aged 76.
24th      Caleb Bankston, former contestant of “Survivor” tv series, aged 27.
30th      Frank M. Robinson, columnist, novelist, speech writer, aged 87.

July 2014
17th      Ross Burden, celebrity chef, aged 45.

September 2014
1st        Caryn Berman, HIV/AIDS educator, aged 61.
3rd        Mariah Crossland, Gay Games powerlifting silver medallist, aged 55.
28th      Dr. Max Schneider, pioneer in addiction medicine, aged 92.

October 2014
4th        Konrad Boehmer, composer, aged 73.
23rd      Raleigh Trevelyan, historian and biographer, aged 91.
23rd      Paul Cottingham, activist, partner of Michael, Lord Ashman, aged 50.

November 2014
6th        Milan Rozsa, Hungarian lgbt activist, aged 26
8th        Trevor Pharo, sales executive, founder of annual clown convention, aged 60.
15th      Leslie Feinberg, trans pioneer and author, aged 65.
19th      Brad Crelia, journalist and HIV/AIDS activist, aged 29.

December 2014
4th        Rt. Hon. Jeremy Thorpe, former leader of the UK’s Liberal Party, aged 85.
15th      Tori Johnson, café manager shot by terrorist in Sydney, aged 35.

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