Tuesday 31 December 2013

In Remembrance

New Year’s Eve, and it’s time to look back at those lgbt people who have inspired, entertained, campaigned and left their mark on the community and the world who have passed away since my list a year ago. I celebrate the lives of them all.

December 2012
16th      Josh Weston, gay porn star, aged 39
28th      John Carol Cage, baritone, aged 89
January 2013
5th        Mary McIntosh, academic feminist, aged 76
7th        Phil Sheats, ex-IGLFA board member, Gay Games bronze (soccer ‘94), aged 43
8th        Manuel Mota, Spanish fashion designer, aged 46 (suicide)
17th      Michael Triplett, Pres., National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Assoc. (US), aged 48
19th     Julia Penelope, activist, co-founder Lesbian Herstory Archives, aged 71
February 2013
            Stu Ross, journalist, regular contributor to Pink News, aged 38
1st        Rev. Herman Verbeck, Catholic priest, MEP, aged 77
5th        Arpad Miklos, gay porn star, aged 45 (suicide)
11th      Nikki Rowan Kedge, caterer and restaurateur, aged 68
11th      Man Karim, gay porn actor, aged 52
16th      John Ayldon, Gilbert and Sullivan bass-baritone, aged 69
25th      Jason Lynch, reigning Mr. International Rubber, aged 38
26th     Marco McMillian, Mississippi mayoral candidate, aged 33 (murdered)
27th      Van Cliborn, pianist, aged 78
March 2013
5th        Wilfried Knight, gay porn star, aged 35 (suicide)
8th        Robert Troyan, American socialite, aged 63 (murdered)
April 2013
15th      Hugh Rosen, academic, AIDS activist and research volunteer, aged 82
May 2013
4th        Frederic Franklin, ballet dancer, aged 48
6th        Steve Martland, composer, aged 53
7th        Peter Rauhofer, Grammy-winning DJ, remixer and producer, aged 48
18th      Kasaki Koh, activist and gay porn star, aged 29
20th      Shivananda Kahn, activist, aged 65
30th      Ratiparno Ghosh, film-maker, aged 49
31st      Philip McKee, firefighter at the Pentagon during 9/11, aged 41
June 2013
            Michael Brown, founder, Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group, aged 82
9th        Christopher Pearson, journalist, aged 61
17th      Donald Despertt, volunteer event organiser of DC Black Pride, aged 30
21st      Jeffrey Smart, artist, aged 91
July 2013
15th      Gunther Freehill, AIDS activist and campaigner, aged 60
15th      Eric Lembecke, Cameroon activist, aged 33 (murdered)
22nd     Kate Crutchley, actor and pioneer of lgbt theatre, aged 69
23rd      Emile Griffith, professional boxer, aged 75
August 2013
2nd       Rev. Mervyn Kingston, Church of Ireland priest, activist, aged 66
7th        Sean Sasser, AIDS activist, aged 44
13th      Louisa Jo Killen, folk singer, aged 79
18th      Josephine D’Angelo, of the All-American Girls Baseball League, aged 88
19th      José Sarria, first out lgbt to run for public office in USA, aged 90
19th      Michael Goulding, flower arranger, aged 80
20th      Domonique Newburn, of “Hollywood Houseboys” (murdered)
21st      CGK” and “EHM”, activists shot in the Nairobi shopping mall attack
23rd      Stephen Crohn, HIV patient, aged 66
24th      Amber Maxwell, trans and Socialist activist, aged 20 (suicide)
29th      Darren Manzella, campaigner against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, aged 36
September 2013
15th      Peter Taylor, NZ equestrian coach, Olympic team manager, aged 61
22nd     Barrett L. Brick, US government lawyer and gay rights activist, aged 59
27th      Alexey Davydov, leading Russian activist, aged 36
October 2013
1st        Michael Rice, museum designer, aged 85
4th        Betu Singh, lesbian activist in India, aged 49
7th        Patrice Chéreau, film and theatre director, aged 68
20th      Doug Ireland, Vietnam veteran and activist, aged 67
22nd     Sue King, first New Zealander to undergo gender reassignment surgery
26th      Sharley McLean, Holocaust survivor, aged 90
27th      Lou Reed, rock musician and songwriter, aged 71
November 2013
5th        John W. Bunting III, ex-Chair, Baltimore City Commission on HIV/AIDS, aged 69
19th      Ray Gosling, broadcaster, 1st openly gay Nottingham City Councillor, 1963, aged 74
December 2013
4th        José Esteban Muñoz, queer theorist and author, aged 46.
11th      Frederick Fox, milliner to the Queen and Princess Diana, aged 82.

The following names are those known transgendered people who were murdered during 2013. They are given in the chronoligical order of their passing:
Evon Young, 22, USA; Nicole Galisteu, Brazil; Daniel Mendoza Ricardo Macias, 23, Mexico; “TiffanyWesley Holder, 19, Guyana; Karen, Mexico; Naomi Estrada, 19, Mexico; Palmira Garcia, 37, Venezuela; Mônica Lewinski, 38, Brazil; Joelma, Brazil; Stephanie, Brazil; Adán Amilcar Iglesias, Honduras; CemiaCeCeDove, 23, USA; Kelly Young, USA; Ashley Sinclair, USA; Angel Francisco Martinez Gonzalez, Mexico; Rosa Fernando Domingues, 36, Brazil; Jorge Luciano Soares De Oliveira, 38, Brazil; Fábio da Conceição Machado, 26; Brazil; Ronald Feitosa Souza, 26, Brazil; Fatima Woods, 53, USA; Otávio Nascimento Valadares, 20, Brazil; Dora Oezer, 24, Turkey; Jock Maurice McKinney (aka Valarie), USA; Diamond Williams, 31, USA; Natália Sotero, 20, Brazil; Rafael da Silva Tavares, 21, Brazil; Dwayne Jones, 16, Jamaica; Mylene, France; Gaye, Turkey; Valeria, 30, Brazil; Islan Nettles, 21, USA; Joales dos Santos, 22, Brazil; Domonique Newburn, USA; Wagner Paula Rodrigues, 42, Brazil; Artegus Konyale Madden, 34, USA; Terry Golston, 50, USA; Melony Smith, 28, USA; ‘Maiara’ Castro Da Silva, 23, Brazil; Hilary Molina Mendiola, 35, Mexico; Eyricka Morgan, 26, USA; Brunete Nascimento Chagas, 22, Brazil; Natascha, 27, Brazil; S. Athiswaran, 31, Malaysia; Amari White, 22, USA; and 14 unidentified women (including 3 teenagers) in Brazil, and 1 unidentified woman in the USA.

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  1. In the above article I inadvertently mispelt a name. Instead of Eric Lembecke, the Cameroon activist's name should read Eric Lembembe.