Thursday 20 December 2012

In Remembrance

2012 has seen the passing of many members of the lgbt community who influenced the world around us. Here is just a short list of some of them.

19th      Rudi van Dantzig, choreographer, aged 78
21st      Emmanuel Cooper, potter, aged 73
23rd      Harry Loen, journalist, aged 67

10th      Steve Walker, artist, aged 51
20th      Robert K. Martin, gay studies academic, aged 57

7th        Cris Alexander, photographer and actor, aged 92
25th      Bettie Naylor, activist, aged 84
25th      Dan Luckenbill, archivist and researcher, aged 67
27th      Adrienne Rich, poet and essayist, aged 82

9th        John Golding, art historian, aged 82
12th      Mark Frankland, MI6 spy and journalist, aged 77
21st      Charles Higham, biographer, aged 81

8th        Maurice Sendak,  children’s author, aged 84
25th      Rosemary Curb Keefe, author and editor, aged 62
30th      Dudley Clendenin, journalist, aged 67

19th      Victor Spinetti, actor, aged 82
24th      Gerhard “Gad” Beck, Holocaust survivor, aged 88
28th      Dr. Richard Isay, psychiatrist and gay rights activist, aged 77

23rd      Sally Ride, first female American astronaut, aged 61
31st      Gore Vidal, writer and political commentator, aged 86

4th        Michael Neale OBE, engineer, aged 85
5th        Chavela Vargas, Mexican singer, aged 93
5th        Jack Fertig, astrologer, Sister Boom Boom, aged 57
6th        Richard Cragun, ballet dancer, aged 64
9th        David Rakoff, humorist, aged 47
12th      Dominic Hibbard, academic and biographer, aged 70
14th      Ron Palillo, actor, aged 63
20th      Daryl Hine, poet, aged 76
31st      Allan Horsfall, gay rights pioneer, aged 84

18th      PC Fiona Bone, officer shot on duty, aged 32

1st        Sgt. Donna Johnson, killed by an Afghan suicide bomber, aged 23
21st      Steve Paul, New York club owner, aged 71
26th      Mark Richards, Broadway producer, aged 80
27th      Hans Werner Henze, composer, aged 86

4th        Robert Marlowe, producer of traditional British seaside shows, aged 83
7th        Richard Robbins, film composer for Merchant-Ivory, aged 71
9th        William Brandon Lacy Campus, activist and writer, aged 35
14th      Howard Wallace, AIDS activist, aged 76
24th      Gray Foy, artist, aged 90

14th      Kenneth Kendall, first on-screen BBC newsreader, aged 88
17th      Laurier LaPierre, Canadian senator, aged 83
18th      Spencer Cox, AIDS activist, aged 44

There won’t be another post for several days. I’m having a little break and will be back on Christmas Day with the first of my 12 Gay Days of Christmas bonanza. So, until then, have a Merry Christmas.

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