Sunday 26 February 2012

Oscar meets Dorian

Tonight is Oscar night. All those “luvvies” will be trolling along the red carpet in their best drag. Some of them will go home with a little man called Oscar.

There are lots of other awards around these days, so people who lose out on an Oscar can win something else – an Emmy, a Bafta, a Golden Globe, a Dorian. A Dorian? Yes, a Dorian.

The Dorian Awards are presented by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association in the USA. They are awarded to the film and television industry which concentrates on film and programmes which appeal specifically to the lgbt community, some awards having slightly quirky names.

The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association was formed in 2009 by a group of people who worked as journalist or critics in all areas of the media. The awards are not divided by gender like others, so the is no Best Actor or Best Actress, just Film Performance. This year’s awards were announced on 16th January, and I thought it might be interesting to see how many of them also pick up an Oscar tonight. Here’s the list:

Film of the Year : “Weekend”

Film Performance of the Year : Meryl Streep in “The Iron Lady”

Documentary of the Year : “We Were Here” (recently broadcast on BBC4)

LGBT-themed Film of the Year : “Weekend”

LGBT-themed Documentary of the Year : “We Were Here”

Campy (Intentional or Not) Film of the Year : “The Muppets”

Unsung Film of the Year : “50/50”

For the full list of Dorian film and tv award-winners and nominations go to

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