Sunday 14 August 2011

Future Shocks!

It’s a little early in the year, I know, I’m thinking ahead.

My tours of Nottingham have always been well received. Several groups have even been on more than one. I’m always looking for new themes and ideas. For several years I’ve been trying to come up with a Hallowe’en tour – complete with references to being “grabbed by the ghoulies” and “putting the willies up you”! There isn’t much information to work on with regards to the lgbt angle, except that Nottinghamshire’s Lord Byron was present at the birth of the story of Frankenstein.

Earlier this year I thought I might adapt my “Seven Deadly Gay Sins” tour and put emphasis on the various gruesome punishments in Hell awaiting the sinful. I might work out a combination of the two and research new information. I could even include my own encounter in Canning Circus cemetery with a dead (human) body that wasn’t supposed to be there (a tale I’ll go into more detail about in November).

As a Christian I also commemorate All Saints Day the day after Hallowe’en, being the dedication of my home parish church in Misterton. So by combining the 2 days I could come up with a “ Gay Demons and Queer Saints” tour.

If people would be interested in a Hallowe’en tour, conducted late at night of course, please let me know and I’ll be spurred on to put one together. If you know of any gruesome gay tales of Nottingham, suitable for a light-hearted tour, also drop me an email.

I’ll leave you with a truly awful joke – Why can’t you ever see the cross-dressing father of a ghost? Because he’s trans-parent!!! Get it? Oh, never mind.

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