Thursday, 2 October 2014

Guess the Year

October is Black History Month in the UK and LGBT History Month in the US, so here’s another quiz for you.

Below is a list of years. Below that is a list of events in lgbt history. Can you match up the event to the correct year? Only one event in given for each year. In celebration of Black History Month the first ten questions are on black lgbt history.


1)     Justin Fashanu becomes the first black footballer to be a million pound transfer in UK soccer.

2)     The first season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” airs on US television.

3)     Uganda celebrates the 50th anniversary of the canonisation of 22 boys and men murdered by the paedophile King of Buganda because they refused to have sex with him.

4)     Paul Winfield, one of those actors whose face you recognise but can never remember the name, co-stars in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”.

5)     Legendary singer-songwriter Frank Ocean comes out as bisexual.

6)     Chris Dickerson is the first black American bodybuilder to win the Mr America title.

7)     Sylvester tops the disco dance charts with “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”.

8)     Edmonia Lewis is commissioned by former US President Ulysses S. Grant to sculpt his bust.

9)     The UK holds its first Black Pride festival.

10)  Major Alan Rogers becomes the first known US lgbt victim of the conflict in Iraq.

11)  Benjamin Banneker – farmer, astronomer and surveyor – produces the first astronomical almanac to be published by a black American.

12)  Sir Ian McKellen comes out on a BBC radio discussion programme.

13)  King Edward II’s lover, Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall, is murdered.

14)  Hadrian becomes Emperor of Rome.

15)  Ellen DeGeneres comes out on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

16)  Dana International becomes the first transgender winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

17)  The US military policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed.

18)  Gilbert Baker, designer of the first Rainbow Pride flag in 1978, is born.

19)  Sir Elton John writes the song “Candle in the Wind” which he later performs at the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997.

20)  US equestrian Robert Dover competes in the first of his record-breaking 6 appearances by an lgbt athlete at the Olympic Games.

I’ll give the answers next week.

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