Saturday, 4 October 2014

Celebrating Mariah

Today I feel a mixture of sadness and celebration. In August, during the run of the most recent Gay Games in Cleveland, I wrote a short series on some of the medallists from previous games. One of those I mentioned, in fact the first one and the athlete who inspired the theme of that mini-series, was Mariah Crossland.

Several weeks afterwards I was contacted by Martha Newell, a close friend of Mariah’s, who informed me that Mariah had sadly lost her battle with cancer on 3rd September.

I thought it would be appropriate today to put this link to Mariah’s obituary, written by her friends, because today is Mariah’s memorial service and celebration of her life. I thank Martha for contacting me and giving me this chance to celebrate Mariah’s achievements.

When you read the obituary I hope you will follow the suggestion given at the end and celebrate Mariah’s life. I will.

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