Sunday, 6 July 2014

Simeon Solomon - Dignity Restored

At last Simeon Solomon receives the dignity of a proper grave stone. This afternoon, in an informal ceremony at Simeon’s graveside in Willesden Jewish Cemetery, a new headstone will be unveiled. Regular readers will know how I am a big fan of Simeon Solomon, a Victorian Jewish Pre-Raphaelite artist imprisoned for homosexuality. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend the ceremony myself. Hopefully I will visit the cemetery on my planned trip down to London in August. 
I want to thank and congratulate Frank Vigon who has been putting so much time into giving Simeon the headstone he deserves. 
This is a short post today as I’m on holiday and trying to take it easy. So I’ll leave you with this photo of Simeon Solomon’s newly restored grave in all its glory (with permission of Frank Vigon). You can see the original damaged headstone has been reset, and a new memorial stone placed over the grave.

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