Sunday, 1 April 2012

Olympic Countdown Special

A press release from the London Olympic Organising Committee has brought good news for all lgbt athletes.

Pink ribbons will be given to all out lgbt medal winners for the first time ever at the London games this summer.

Rather than the “official” purple ribbon of the games, the IOC has approved the use of the pink ribbon from which the gold, silver and bronze medals will be suspended.

In support of the London Olympic’s diversity policy it is hoped that future Olympic host cities will follow suit.

Lord Coe said that lgbt participation at the Olympics has gone unrecognised for too long, and he hoped that other coloured ribbons would be developed for female and ethnic athletes.

For some retired Olympians, like Greg Louganis, this gesture will make no difference as the pink ribbon will not be awarded retrospectively.

One other gay Olympic diving champion, Matthew Mitcham, has welcomed the decision.

“Only by being recognised as a gay sportsman can I be a role model to others”, he said, “And it will be an honour to wear the pink ribbon if I successfully defend my title”.

Lord Coe said in another press release that he hopes future Olympics will make further recognition of lgbt athletes, perhaps by the IOC becoming an official sponsor of the Gay Games, which is very unlikely – and if you don’t believe me, look at the first letter of each paragraph!

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