Thursday, 1 November 2018

The End is Nigh - Or Is It?

Several times this year I’ve mentioned that I intend to stop this blog at the end of this year. Perhaps I should have been saying that I intend to stop working on my blog full-time. I have spent several hours each day since August 2011 researching and writing my blog and I would like to slow down so that I can concentrate more on other related projects. It’s not that I can’t find anything to write about. Far from it. I’ve a whole shelf full of files of research on topics I haven’t brought to you.

There are also many articles which I would like to rewrite or amend. By not producing regular new material I can do this. Notice that I said “regular new material”. There may be occasions when a new article will appear, particularly if it celebrates a significant anniversary or event. For example, updates of my lgbt Olympians list will appear a couple of times before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, or several articles during both the UK and US LGBT History months (February and October, respectively). I will, no doubt, produce an article to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

There are many projects which I have begun but haven’t been able to complete because of the amount of work I have been putting into this blog. I’ve written enough of specific themes to put all the related articles together in book form. These will include new material and updates. My intention is to produce a whole series of smaller books rather than one large one. These will be for sale.

In addition to books I hope to produce a range of products for sale – greetings cards, calendars, quiz books, and something more substantial with my Olympic research.

An idea I’ve long had has been to set up a Facebook page. No matter what anyone says about Facebook being on its way out there are still over 2 billion Facebook users, and it’s increasing. It also provides more space for the things I want to say.

So that’s it. At the moment I have no plans to write anything for January 2019, but will try to produce something for UK LGBT History Month in February.

I hope you stay with me.

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