Friday, 24 February 2017


One of the new display panels I was producing for this month’s LGBT History Month in Nottingham was a fun puzzle. I wasn’t able to finish in time but it’s still something I’m working on for Nottinghamshire Pride in July. Until then, I thought you might like to see it (the people illustrated will be different in the finished panel but I think you get the general idea).

I’ve chosen 9 lgbt personalities and one fact about each of them which might not be generally known. The names and portraits of the personalities are placed alternately with the facts around a maze in a random order, making sure that they match through the maze. What the viewer has to do is to guess which personality matches the personality before following the track through the maze and see if they guessed correctly. I don’t expect anyone to know all the personalities or facts. It’s just a bit of fun.

Below is the maze. The letters represent the lgbt personalities and the numbers represent the facts. On the display I’ll have photos of the personalities and have everything printed in the squares, but for now I’ve put them below.

So, if you want to play along just start with the number or letter on the maze, and then try to guess to which letter or number the track through the maze finally takes you. See if you can guess all 9 correctly without cheating.

A) Caitlin Kiernan (b.1964), palaeontologist, leading authority on mosasaur dinosaurs.

B) Carl Austin (b.1972), Mr Gay Manchester 2001, Mr Gay UK 2001.

C) Nikolas Lemos (b.1971), lgbt campaigner who dresses up as the Statue of Liberty in Pride parades.

D) Cyrus Cassells III (b.1957), poet, Professor of English at Texas State University.

E) Linda Hunt (b.1945), actor.

F) Chris Dickerson (b.1939), multi-champion and record-breaking bodybuilder.

G) Sally Ride (1951-2012), the first American woman in space.

H) Spencer Bergstedt (b.1963), American lawyer activist.

I) George Takei (b.1937), actor, star of the original Star Trek television series.

1) The youngest of identical triplets.

2) Nationally ranked junior tennis player coached by an ex-Wimbledon champion.

3) Won the International Ms Leather (not Mr Leather) title in 1994.

4) Has won 4 International Horror Guild Awards for best horror novel.

5) Creator of trace DNA techniques in forensic crime detection.

6) Lord Mayor of Manchester 2016-17.

7) A direct descendant of President Thomas Jefferson and a black slave.

8) The first actor of win an Oscar for playing a character of the opposite sex.

9) Won a gold medal at the 1996 Gay Games in athletics.

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