Saturday, 24 December 2016

Out of Their Trees : Blood of the Conqueror

This year marked a significant anniversary in the history of Britain. It is the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest. Its one of the first events that British children learn about. On 24th October 1066 the English King Harold II fought against William, Duke of Normandy. William, of course, won and became known as William the Conqueror. Tomorrow we celebrate the 950th anniversary of King William the Conqueror’s coronation.

Those who read my blog regularly will know that quite a lot of lgbt people have royal blood. If you have European ancestry you more than are 80% likely to have royal blood yourself, even if you have to trace it all the way back to 1066 to find it.

To celebrate the 950th anniversary I’ve compiled the following list of lgbt people who all have the blood of William the Conqueror flowing through their veins. Most of the people listed below have more than one line of descent from King William (I have over 10 myself). And, like me, you don’t have to be famous or rich to inherit his DNA. Among the names below are those of lgbt kings and local activists – and the oldest known lgbt person (aged 108!).

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