Sunday, 9 February 2014

But, Mr. Putin, the Ancient Olympians All Had Sex With Boys!

Whatever you think about the International Olympic Committee not wanting anti-Putin protests at the Sochi winter games in response to Russia’s anti-gay legislation, we can surely all agree that Putin’s attitude to homosexuality is based largely on ignorance.

More than one social commentator in the UK has mentioned the similarity between Putin’s laws and the Section 28 legislation introduced into the UK by Margaret Thatcher’s government. The similarity ends there, because Putin’s legislation is not restricted to local government, which Section 28 was. Mr. Putin is worried that gay men corrupt and abuse children – “leave our children alone” he said last week, similar to the excuse given by Russian judges last year when they banned an official Pride House from being established during these current winter games.

As today’s article title states, the Ancient Olympics and sex with boys was so integral to each other that if any of the ancient Olympians travelled forward to our time they’d be shocked by the absence of boy sex during the athlete’s training. But then they’d also be shocked by our modern idea of democracy (votes for women? No slavery? What sort of democracy is that, they’d say).

I’ve written several articles on this blog over the years that have gone into the subject of Ancient Greek soldier-athletes and their boy-sex activities. I won’t go over it all again today, so I’ll direct you to here .

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