Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Simeon Solomon Appeal Update

Today is the 173rd anniversary of the birth of Simeon Solomon. Earlier this year I publicised the appeal being made by Frank Vigon to raise money to erect a headstone on Simeon’s grave.

This summer I went down to London on a couple of day trips with my brother. Unfortunately we had so much to so that I was unable to visit Simeon’s grave. I have plans to visit London next year, so it’ll be high on the list of things to do.

Frank Vigon gave an update of the appeal in the latest edition of the Re-Raphaelite Society newsletter. By August he had raised £1,850. As well as myself and many individual members of the lgbt, art and Jewish communities, Frank has received support from a wide variety of groups – the Oscar Wilde Society, the Mass Gallery, Ben Uri, and the Pre-Raphaelite Society itself..

Once a headstone has been placed the life of Simeon Solomon could well drift back into memories so some people have suggested to Frank that there should be some sort of living legacy established in his memory. One idea suggested has been a scholarship or grant to an art student. The money would be available to a student of any race, creed or sexual preference. But I would like to suggest that it should also extend to the art itself in an exploration and expression of race, creed or sexual preference (either individually or in combination).

Frank also gives talks on Simeon around the UK, such as this one last June.

If you want to know more about Simeon Solomon, Frank Vigon’s appeal, or make a donation go to

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