Thursday, 11 October 2012

Coming Out Today

To celebrate National Coming Out Day today (in the US) and tomorrow (in the UK) here is a list of some of the people who have officially come out so far in 2012 (in roughly chronological order). Some of these people were already out to family and friends and within their professional circles. In coming out to the wider world most of these names have given their support to various lgbt issues and campaigns.

Todd Glass, US comedian
Jason Somerville, top poker player
Matt Bomer, US actor
Magda Szubanski, Australian actor (“Kath and Kim”)
Omar Sharif jr., grandson of Egyptian acting star Omar Sharif
Gillian Anderson, US actor (revealed a lesbian relationship when young)
Anthony Wong, Hong Kong pop star
Paul Iacono, US actor (“The Hard Times of R J Berger”)
Zachary Wyatt, Missouri state legislator
Josh Dixon, US gymnast and Olympic hopeful
Laura Gabel, lead singer of rock band Against Me!
Jim Parsons, US actor (Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory”)
The Green Lantern, DC comic superhero
Anja Pärson, Swedish Olympic skiing champion
Anderson Cooper, CNN anchorman and broadcaster
Frank Ocean, R+B singer
Karen Hultzer, South African archer (came out at the Olympics)
Mika, singer (previously identified himself as bisexual)
Jason Ball, Australian rules footballer
Lori Lindsey, US footballer (Olympic reserve player)
Wade Davis, former NFL football player
Orlando Cruz, WBO featherweight boxer (ranked 4 in the world)

From this list it can be seen that there is wide range of professions, from acting to legislation, from singing to comic book superhero. But the largest group, some 7 in all, are athletes. Whether this is because of the large emphasis on sport this year because of the Olympics or because of a greater acceptance in sport of out lgbt athletes is difficult to judge.

There are other people who have been revealed as lgbt, though these have been widely known to be open about their sexuality at work, and have generally not been noticed until appointed to a more public role (e.g. such as US legislators or Presidential advisers).

Last year Zachary Quinto from the US tv series “Heroes” and Mr Spock of the rebooted “Star Trek” films chose the week of National Coming Out Day to come out himself, prompted by the suicide of bullied bisexual teenager Jamey Rodemeyer.

I wonder who will be coming out today?

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